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After a thorough examination and an accurate diagnosis, we put together a treatment plan tailored to each individual.

We combine Muscle Release Techniques, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Dermal Traction, Neurodynamic Techniques, McKenzie Techniques, Functional Taping, and Chiropractic Adjustments to reduce pain and restore optimal function. Our Chiropractic care takes on a neurocentric approach to musculoskeletal conditions, allowing for a high functioning nervous system that allows you to move optimally and be pain-free. Joint manipulations and mobilizations of the spine and extremities are safe and extremely effective in restoring functional movement.

Our manual therapies not only address muscle adhesion but also fascial restrictions and scar tissue. The Neurodynamic and Dermal Traction techniques assess and treat neural tissue within the body. Mobilizing peripheral nerves and creating space around superficial neurology bring about pain-free movement and promote the body’s potential to repair and heal itself.

We utilize innovative corrective exercises to help you build a foundation of stability and endurance even after the pain has dissipated. A combination of several techniques and philosophies is used to individualize each program and restore pain-free movement, empowering patients with their own injury resilience and maximizing performance.

We use movement evaluations and exercise interventions based on scientific literature. We are unique because we apply corrective exercises and rehab to specific injuries with effective dosage so our patients can succeed. We also teach the patient how to apply these movements to everyday activities so their results will last longer and they continue to feel empowered. The customized programs are designed to help you address and balance out movement patterns, increase range of motion, and stabilize your positions. This way, you can perform without limitations and build the strength and endurance you desire to achieve your goals.

Custom Rehabilitation Programs

Online Strength Programming

Our customized, online programs are designed for our clients to understand how resilient they truly are, allowing them to move with confidence and become the strongest version of themselves. We understand your frustrations and injuries—it is at the heart of what we do. Our approach to care is centered around you. We want to help you return back to full activity.

We know injuries are frustrating. We know pain is tough to bear. But we also know that it is the inability to live your life to the fullest that drives the burden of injury. Our program includes weekly updates, video reviews, journaling, and progress analysis. You’ll have weekly coaching updates, unlimited email access, ongoing feedback and recommendations, updates to your programming as needed, and support through the various ups and downs that are a part of life.

We can help you with that. Care at RSM Sports Medicine & Rehab focuses on reducing your pain, returning you to full function, and taking steps to prevent your injury from recurring again. Let’s maximize your potential and build your strength!

Movement Is Medicine.

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Dr. Jeremy.

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Client Testimonials

Dr. Jeremy is very knowledgeable and caring. He attacks each rehab plan with passion and care, and consistently is available via phone to help with any issues you have and to check up on your progress. His knowledge of the body is evident when he speaks to you. Recommend his services strongly.

Thomas Hughes

I contacted Dr. Jeremy to help with my back pain after reading about the success he has had with other clients and seeing how well his practice applies to a weight room setting. After only one session I had relief from the pain I’ve dealt with for years and was given the necessary exercises to maintain a pain free life. I highly recommend Dr. Jeremy to anyone looking for a long-term solution to their on-going aches and pains!
Katie B

There are no reviews under 5 stars for a reason. Dr. Jeremy is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also empathetic, interested, and genuinely invested in your journey to heal. He is, hands down, the most effective PT I’ve ever worked with and for that, I’m so incredibly grateful. If you’re in pain, make an appointment. Put in the work and you’ll get back to being the best version of yourself, guaranteed. He’ll be with you the entire time!
Sarah Meyer

I’ve been training and competing in weightlifting for 6 years and have tried numerous chiropractors but none have been as thorough and supportive as Jeremy. He takes the time every session (not just the first one) to reassess your range of motion, movement patterns and pain points. So many chiropractors do the same quick adjustments and you’re out the door in 15 minutes. Jeremy truly cares about each of his patients and takes the time to not only do adjustments, but also performs a lot of soft tissue work and shows you exercises to improve your trouble spots. I’ve searched for a long time to find a chiropractor that really understands the types of movements I need to perform in my training so that I can be treated properly and move better. No patient wants to have chronic or reoccurring pain and Jeremy works to ensure his patients feel better and move better for the long term. I would highly recommend to anyone, especially if you’re looking for a more personal touch to your chiropractic experience!
Nikole Such

After being with dr. Jeremy, I have learned many new movements and exercises to help with my injury. Dr Jeremy is also a very wholesome guy and is very patient and knowledgeable when it comes to treatment. I would 100% would recommend him if you are seeking help for an injury
Aj Schilpp

Navigating the landscape of medical treatment for complicated and chronic sports injuries can be an impossibly frustrating experience. If you are struggling with any orthopedic ailment, I cannot express how highly I would recommend Dr. Jeremy. Unlike other patient care practitioners, Jeremy prioritizes the client through individualized sessions that offer creative, dynamic approaches to managing pain, improving movement patterns, and most importantly educating the client. Whereas most traditional therapy centers rely on generalized, impersonal and outdated approaches, Jeremy actively applies a variety of modern treatment modalities to solve recurring problems and send his clients on a happier trajectory towards their goals. Although his background is chiropractic, Jeremy has made an incredible effort to sharpen his skills in a vast array of treatment contexts. He offers a wealth of experience in sports performance and can help any athlete discover new methods to follow their passions without being imprisoned by chronic pain. Unfortunately some orthopedic injuries are beyond fixing — gravity is a merciless enemy to the human body — however, Jeremy’s sophisticated and diverse philosophy can help people of any age, background, and skill level to overcome their limitations and find intelligent, engaging solutions to remaining active, competitive, and positive. Most of all, Jeremy is a kind-hearted person who offers his clients empathy, positivity, and friendship. It was a joy to work with Jeremy, who routinely provided encouragement and supportiveness and education. Those factors have collectively helped me to redefine my personal goals and revisit negative patterns and ultimately set myself up for a happier future. Once again, I cannot recommend Dr. Jeremy enough.
Will Grasty

Membership Information

Strength Training Memberships

We provide comprehensive online coaching services specifically focused on providing individualized and high communication coaching to enhance your performance. With evidence-based and experiential concepts and principles, we design custom programming to elevate each individual’s proficiency and strength potential while emphasizing long term health and minimizing injury risk.

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