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We help active adults feel their best and take control of their health by empowering them with the tools they need to stay pain-free.

RSM Sports Medicine & Rehab is the only clinic that provides 1-on-1 individualized and elite chiropractic care, rehabilitation, and strength training. Our goal is to be able to provide long-term solutions for people suffering from pain and injury.

Who We Are

RSM Sports Medicine & Rehab is not your average chiropractic office. We’re committed to providing our clients with long term solutions to their pain and injury, while also giving them the opportunity to become their best self.

Our care and treatment is centered around educating and empowering our clients with individualized assessments and custom rehabilitation programs. We want to help you leave your pain behind and get back to chasing your goals. We’ll work with you to find the root cause of your pain and provide you with a long-term solution that lets you take control of your health.

Improve Mobility and Strength with a Chiropractor Therapy Center in Marlboro

Your ability to move without pain is important, allowing you to take on anything that comes your way. RSM Sports Medicine & Rehab is your full-service chiropractic massage center in Marlboro, offering a range of treatment options designed to help you move better. We focus on recovery while building strength while improving mobility, flexibility, and quality of life. Our physical therapy specialists will develop a customized treatment protocol that offers you the ability to work towards your goals safely and effectively.

Physical Therapist Offering Chiropractic Care for Overcoming Pain

At RSM Sports Medicine & Rehab, we offer a range of services including chiropractic care and physical therapy in Marlboro. No matter your goals, we tailor our treatments to suit your needs and help you to become stronger and more powerful with each session. We focus on finding the source of your pain, treating the cause and not just the symptoms. Our chiropractor therapy offers you the ability to enjoy faster recovery, no matter how severe your injury. See the difference chiropractic can make to your overall health and wellbeing with a team that is truly passionate about results.

Book a Session for Physical Therapy in Marlboro Today

Is pain holding you back from reaching your goals? RSM Sports Medicine & Rehab offers outstanding benefits with chiropractic and physical therapy in Marlboro. To find out more about our treatment options or schedule a session, call our team today at (732) 996-6185.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

I couldn’t recommend Dr. Jeremy highly enough. I have been a patient for over a year, and we have worked through various injuries or physical limitations that have come up through my job and competitive horseback riding. I appreciate his thorough assessments and in-depth knowledge about anatomy and physiology. I also appreciate his willingness to learn and always keep searching for a way to do things better or more effectively. I have never worked with a chiropractor who performs a variety of therapeutic modalities, then goes on to work from a rehab standpoint and teaches you corrective, strength-building exercises to actually address the problem. He’s not your typical “crack and go” type of chiro. I really enjoy our sessions and have found them so helpful in keeping me pain-free and strong!
Emily Krieger

Dr. Jeremy has been helping me with low back pain and after one virtual session, he came up with a customized plan to attack my pain and get me back to the gym. I started seeing relief after our first session and the follow up care has made the difference. Jeremy made it easy to reach out with questions / concerns and I highly recommend.
JR Chandra

I went to RSM sports medicine for my back … it was so tight and it would bother me in my every day activity …. I never met anyone so passionate and dedicated as Jeremy.. he made sure I get back to my daily routine as quickly as possible… he helped me get rid of the stiffness and got me back to where I needed to be to workout again … if I have any issues I’m definitely going back to him
Louis Beninato

I have always suffered from pain in my upper shoulder and neck area. I have been to many chiropractors and even tried Accupuncture to get this pain away and nothing worked or stuck. I literally had one appointment with Jeremy and that area has never felt better. I am no longer feeling locked up in that area and my mobility is just so much greater and more open. Jeremy truly was very thorough with his time with me. I have such comfort in knowing I can go to him if that area acts up again. So far so good! Thank you!

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